La empresa ofrece al mercado: El suministro y mantenimiento de sistemas de tratamiento de aguas residuales, además de la comercialización de euipos y componentes. Ver más
Dentro de algunos de los proyectos de ingeniería más recientes, notorios por su tamaño y por el éxito de la gestión en todas sus facetas, destacan
Hospital del trauma
Planta de Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales del nuevo Hospital del Trauma, propiedad del Instituto Nacional de Seguros.
Paseo Metrópoli
Sistema de tratamiento biológico, aeróbico, de lodos activados, en su modalidad de aireación extendida.
IFAS El Roble
Propiedad de AyA, la planta de tratamiento de lodos activados de mayor capacidad de nuestro país.

The company offers

The supply and maintenance of systems
for wastewater treatment

Provision of
operation and maintenance

Selling of
equipments and components

Our Clients

Hospital del Trauma

New Treatment Plant Wastewater in the Hospital del Trauma, owned by the National Insurance Institute (INS).

Project Details

Paseo Metrópoli

System of biological aerobic treatment, activated sludge, as extended aeration mode.

Project Details

IFAS El Roble

Property of the AyA. Treatment plant that increased capacity of activated sludge in our country.

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In all the years we have been SOLAMSA’s customers, they have been characterized by their prompt and effective attention they offer for all of their services. I can assure you they are a company that is characterized by their customer service, professionalism of its employees, and the confidence of doing business with them.

For Paseo Metrópoli the alliance with SOLAMSA has represented a great logistical and operational support, which give us certainty and confidence of the proper functioning of our wastewater treatment plant. We rigorously defend the care of the environment, a value attested by our Blue Flag Award, and because of this is why the consignment of the operation of these systems to a responsible and capable company, has been our tonic to guarantee us good results.

SOLAMSA has been a provider for the Apartotel for many years, and from the excellent service they have given us, to the work quality, has made us maintain a close business relationship.

With more than 15 years of experience, Soluciones Técnicas Ambientales, S.A., SOLAMSA,
It's a company of enviromental engenieering that specializes in systems for wastewater treatment.

SOLAMSA 's mission is to fully satisfy the needs of our customers in the field treatment of
wastewater , providing comprehensive and technology solutions.