Who we are

Mission Statement

To fully meet the wastewater treatment-related needs of our customers by using
technology that is best suited to each specific case, by employing our knowledge,
expertise, and experience.


We are committed to:
• The quality of our services.
• Professionalism.
• Responsibility.


To continue developing as a leader in the wastewater treatment field, ensuring the highest quality standards by applying state-of-the-art technology and leveraging our vast experiences as designers, developers, and operators of wastewater treatment systems.



SOLAMSA was co-founded by the engineer Rodolfo González Suárez in February 2000 to outsource the environmental engineering projects of Amanco, a prestigious multinational

From its origins until today, Rodolfo González Suárez, has served as general manager and president of the board of directors for SOLAMSA.



With 15 years of experience, Soluciones Técnicas Ambientales, S.A., SOLAMSA, is an environmental engineering company specialized in the treatment of wastewater.

SOLAMSA’s mission is to fully meet the needs of our customers in the field of wastewater
treatment, providing comprehensive and technological solutions.

The strategic alliance with Amanco, which gave the implementation and execution of engineering projects exclusively to SOLAMSA, offered this company extraordinary experience by letting it implement more than 300 wastewater treatment plant projects (WWTP) in the period of 2000-2008. The finalization of this alliance coincided with the purchase of Amanco by the company Mexichem.

Since then, SOLAMSA has successfully continued:
• Commercializing and executing wastewater treatment projects.
• Providing a full range of services for the operation and maintenance of treatment systems.
• Selling equipment such as blowers, diffusers and electrical panels.