The supply and maintenance of systems
for wastewater treatment

Provision of
operation and maintenance

Selling of
equipments and components

1.Wastewater treatment systems supply:

Treatment systems are usually supplied under the turnkey scheme, that is, providing the following services in an integrated manner:

  • The complete design involving an ideal multi-professional team. In cases that require it, a phase of basic studies is previously done to properly characterize and study the wastewater to be treated. The design is reflected in the construction plans, the calculation memory, and the operations and maintenance manual.

  • The processing of the project’s permits to the authorities.

  • The construction of civil works; through the involvement of specialized and highly experienced crews.

  • The supply of equipment and components; these being manufactured to the highest
    quality of standards in the industry.

  • The electromechanical installation of equipment and components.

  • The commissioning, testing and adjustment.

  • The delivery of the waste treatment plant, fully completed, tested and fully functioning to the customer’s satisfaction.

  • The customer training in operation and maintenance work.

  • The provision of all subsequent services that may be required by the customer.

This supply may be done to completely new projects as well as expansions or upgrades of existing treatment systems.

2. Provision of operation and maintenance services:

The company offers the full range of services related to the operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems, such as:

• Preventive maintenance of equipment and components, as well as the supervision of the customer’s tasks of operation. About this method:

It is ideal for small to medium treatment systems, which the customer operates directly
through its own staff, counting on specialized support and professional advice from our company.

The preparation and submission of the respective Operational Report to the Ministry of Health, as well as procedures related with the Discharge Permit presented before the MINAE, are usually included with this service.

These services can be hired with an established frequency (monthly for example), or with a fixed frequency according to the customers needs. SOLAMSA offers a multi-professional team with qualified, knowledgeable and experienced technicians.

• Operation and maintenance of treatment systems. About this method:

It is ideal for treatment systems that because of their size and/or complexity need important amount of workdays and/or specialized skills.

It also allows the customer to delegate responsibility regarding the operation and maintenance of the treatment system to our company, in this way he can be separated from these tasks and focus on the essential work of the company.

SOLAMSA has been a pioneer and leader in our country in the provision of the cited services, being prominent in:

  • The awarding of several public tenders held by AyA, to date, to hire the operation and maintenance services at its wastewater treatment plants.

  • The provision of this service to important clients in the private sector, the government and municipality, such as:

  • The Municipalities of Escazú, Flores and Alajuela

  • Several clinics part of the Costa Rican Social Security Service.

  • Private customers such as:

    • Florida Bebidas

    • Grupo Roble

    • Edificio Meridiano

    • Desarrollos Urbanísticos La Lillyana

    • Edificio Meridiano

    • Centro Comercial Paseo Metrópoli

    • Apartotel Villas del Río

3. Marketing of equipment and components:

Our company sells the following equipment and components:

  • Screens (different types and capacities).

  • Blowers:

    • Rotary Vane Blower

    • Regenerative

  • Fine bubble air diffusers

    • disc

    • tubular

  • Electrical panels of power and control (to manufacture according to customer needs and desire)

Our equipment is usually purchased by both, the owners of treatment systems and other
engineering companies engaged in the field of wastewater treatment.